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Oh look, it’s THAT thread again…

It’s true that the game has a pretty steep learning curve when you first try it, but there’s a lot of guides out there. Use them and play accordingly. Invest into shields and spears, avoid difficult battles, play defensively.

Also understand that losing men in BB is neither a failure nor amything unusual, that’s how the game is supposed to play.


I’m not convinced that adding a bunch of different difficulties with the arbitrary changes in game values it would bring is the right answer. BB would be just as fine with a single difficulty fine tuned to present a consistent challenge. By that I don’t mean screwing over the player and justifying it under the tossaway term “RNG”. The world map spawns need an overhaul. As it stands difficulty spikes randomly depending on where you are in the world and what enemy army just happens to be around. That doesn’t change with difficulty designation in the current game, so adding more is not a great solution. BB seems to be an amazingly well-developed passion project, but it is heavily lacking in transparency and could you a few balance tweaks. Many veteran players here will defend it stubbornly, so don’t be surprised if you run into the “git gud” attitude a lot on the forum. I’m guilty of it at times as well.

1. OP has no way of knowing how many times this post has come up. If he’s a new player trying to give feedback, there’s nothing wrong with giving this feedback.

2. The game has a steep learning curve because there is no official guide provided by the developer. The player has to figure out EVERYTHING through trial and error including which enemies represent a greater threat than others. It’s odd to suggest that a new player be a bit frustrated when playing a game that lacks a great deal of transparency but suggests Iron-Man play. If there’s a guide that you suggest, it would be better to post it as a source than say “Go find this thing that exists that should absolutely help you”. Personally I have not found a single steam guide that prepares a new player for this game.

3. Mike is absolutely right about losing brothers. That’s something you just have to get used to as part of the game. A lot of things frustrate me about this title, but that’s not one of them. It’s part of the design and the theme. I’m not as ok with it in all cases as some other forum goers, but in most cases it’s perfectly reasonable.

If it helps at all luzarius, I’ve put a ridiculous amount of time into this game and am still convinced that the enemy camp/spawning algorithm needs an overhaul. Iron man play is only tenable in a game where save-scumming is unjustified by the completeness of the tools provided to avoid pitfalls. Seeing as there is no official guide and a high level army can decimate you on day 10 without you knowing what to avoid and what not to, I’d suggest against it. It is not currently a game that deserves for you to stick so strongly to the Iron Man rule, since it does not treat with you in good faith with transparency. Full disclosure, I say this while playing on Iron Man because I hate myself. I still stand by the statement that BB does not currently deserve the full effort and patience that it requires from a new player.