Reply To: Bow and Crossbow

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Crossbows have the same armor effectiveness as bows right? So why would a crossbow be better against heavily armored targets? I rather attack twice with the bow and shred more of their armor than do a tiny bit of damage against their HP.
Also, against orcs I have to move my ranged units around a lot so their warriors don’t get any ideas to knock back one guy and go after them.

I think crossbows would have to be tweaked so they can make use of the berserk perk. Famed crossbows are probably also a lot better if they can literally one-shot any raider. Then again, famed war bows are probably even stronger.

Tier by Tier, the crossbow has advantage on armor piercing stat. The only exception appears to be the masterwork bow, which has 75% armor pen. Even then, it’s equal to the heavy crossbow in the armor pen stat, and eclipsed by it if the brother using the crossbow has the Crossbow Mastery perk (+20% to top out at 95% pen). I’m using the wiki for the numbers, so this is reliant on them being up to date. Either way, the crossbow mastery perk gives it an edge that bow mastery doesn’t confer.