Reply To: Late-game crisis adjustment

Avatar photoAarooon

Honestly speaking, I think it’s a better dies to have the late game crisis come about through “chance” and giving lower level missions as well as higher level missions based on your renown and ability.
I also think though, the player should have more capabilities to influence or stunt a late game crisis.

Mind you for example, if I go around slaughtering my way through hordes and hordes of orcs and goblins, destroying 10 – 20 camps in a dozen some days, it should lower the possibility for a Greenskin invasion, or even remove it fully for a set period of time until they have recovered.
Similarly you should be allowed to raid caravans and buildings more freely, but also face stronger pursuit for it.
If you did and had favourable relations with another noble house or any contract cam along that would implicitly damage another noble house, it would worsen relationships with the two noble houses involved.
I think the crisis should not be controlled by a player, but it should also no mandatorily happen.