Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

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If there is intention/will to discuss solutions, I could try to bring some ideas, but so far that is my experience, I’m on day 85 now, crisis didn’t even start yet, and I don’t feel like continuing, however I feel it would be interesting to start over to enjoy the early game but when i realize there is no fun ENDPOINT, I think it’s gonna be enough for me until something changes.

Well I am all up for discussing solutions. Personally, I think it would be a good idea to have some kind of slider at the map generation that lets us choose how frequent crises come. I don’t want my crises to start before day 150. You’re complaining that they didnt start at day85. Let us choose when they start. It’s a singleplayer game and as such there is absolutely no reason to force your design desicions upon us.
I can just hope for mod-support that will allow us to play a game that we love and enjoy and is tailored to our own specific wants and needs.

Anyways, if you go for maybe one more ingame week the crisis will definitely start. I think they usually start around day90.

Generally though, I think the game has a very slow progression in mind. At around day90 you probably have only seen about 50-60% of the units there are. For me, there is no better feeling than successfully daggering a Hedge Knight with a Greataxe, knowing that he can pretty much one-shot any of my guys if I make a mistake. If I manage to pull it off though, I save probably 15k crowns or so (30k if he has a named weapon) and is such a good feeling.
Sadly, Hedge Knights only show up at around day 150+. Same for Master Archers, Swordmasters and probably Orc Warlords. And the next hurdle is around day300 where they start to show up in numbers and actually pose a threat again.

TLDR; Again, I really like Min-Maxing and rolling for the perfect brother with perfect base stats and talents and traits, equipping them with famed armors and weapons etc. You seem to rather play with what you get and have an immersive experience. This is why we should get more customization options to make the game suit our individual wants and needs.

I know you won’t like that, but I would recommend you play the game on Veteran or Beginner if you don’t like the (really) slow pace of expert. There is practically no difference aside from lower income and a little bit smaller enemy party size (which should suit you). I really enjoy the harsh pace of expert and how difficult it gets. If you are already used to the expert pace, even veteran will feel way too easy to you though.