Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

Avatar photoWaterd

Yeah I would like to have something called Roguelike mode or Speedrun moode. Or whatever. A mode wich is intended to be replayed and played in 30 hours average.

In this mode Renown, Gold, Experience, are gained 2 times as fast. Reputation effects are 2 times as powerful.

Team size reduced to 10, the Reserve space reduced to 4. And difficulty instead of be scaled by bigger number, is scaled by just having more powerful units in the enemy team.

And i think the most important part make battle maps 3 times smaller.

Basically the gameplay should be organized about being about 10 hours of pre noble missions, 10 hours post noble missions, and 10 hours of final crisis.

I don’t know exactly how it is decided the final crisis to come, but it should come at a SPECIFIC DAY, should you be prepared or not.