Reply To: My long list of suggestions for the game.

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Sorry Waterd, but I do really hope they won’t reduce the team size to 10! I do really like managing a huge team rather, it’d be better to have the choice to set our team the number of mercenaries we want at the beginning of the game just like when we decide if there will be late crisis or not like in the game setting of the game “Don’t Starve” where you can manage many event of the game by deciding weather they will happen in the game or not.

In future update, I’d love to be able to have ride horses for my mercenaries to get from point A to point B faster than now. I feel like it take a lifetime to go from one city to another, but unlike others, I really like the map size and wouldn’t mind having a bigger one with more cities and possibilities.

I like the cities’ design, it recalls me Darkest Dungeon’s city. I would love to add more possibilities within the city such as visiting the lord’s house.

It’s be great to create more dialogue between team member, I liked the way you added dialogue already, but I’d like to add possibility to talk anytime or at camp time with my team mate and it could modify their mood in good or bad for next battles.

I’ll create a new post to add my list of suggestion.

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