Reply To: My list of suggestions and feedback

Avatar photohruza


– It could be good to meet people on the road, people in need for instance… one or two men attacked by brigrand or an army of orcs that we decide to help or not and that would join us afterward. Some of them could be very strong and well equipped and decide to join us as a reward…
I think it could be nice to help villager in need.

There are many random encounters which does exactly that. You can also gain recruits for free based on how you react to them and sometimes some random luck.


– After fulfilling a lot of contracts, being asked by the king to join his army and fight against orcs or another human enemy of the king would be good as well.

You already can. Just just need to take contracts from one of the noble houses, while you’re on contract, you’re working for king of that faction. You need to fulfill appropriate ambition to unlock them first.

– It would be great if we could have the possibility to fish or hunt animal when are starved on the road with no money. They would appear on the map just like enemies but with a special icon of food. We could resell it in the city as well. I think it would be a very nice idea. Just like cutting wood to either use it or sell it.

You can do that, although it’s kind of random so you can’t hunt or fish on demand. However if you have fisherman, he can trigger event with him going to fish while you’re near body of water. If you have hunter or poacher, they can go hunting while you’re in the woods. Wildman can gather provisions for you in the form of mushrooms or berries. Although there is chance of him poisoning you while doing so. There might be other conditions triggering these events which I am not aware of, like you being low on food supplies.