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I got a few suggestions for combat information;

1- Have an option to show the Attack Rolls on the combat log, especially for enemies, something like a D100 Roll, would be something like the combat log from Neverwinter nights series, the game is really frustrating when you miss a sequence of 80% success attacks, would be interesting to see from how far i missed the attacks, and may be even more frustrating, but would be nice to have this kind of info.

2- Show enemies injure and buff information, by hovering the mouse on his icon or maybe by opening a new window with extra info when you hover mouse on enemies for a bit longer, or maybe by selecting him, cause is very annoying see that the enemie has a injurie or a buff and dont know how much that interfere on the combat, especially over the fragility of characters and level of tactics that is necessary for combat on battle brothers.

3- show floating hit damage on screen, would be nice to see those big hits floating on screen and also the criticals, i think it would give more emotion and excitement for the battles, and if the dev think that would pollute the screen too much, the other option would be a more clean combat log with a more direct info about the damage, actually a total review about the combat log would be lovely, cause the actual one doesnt show anything of use.

4- Last one, is more a cosmetic one, maybe give more designs for the weapons, same stats, same strenght, just little changes on the art style and colors, and maybe even be able to customize then like the barber customize the character, just to make the characters more unique.

Conclusion: I loved the game, really did, and that is why i’m here giving my suggestion and opinion, after a while playing you kind of guess all this info that i told now, but when you are new to the game you are thrown at dark on combats, the only info you really has are the percentage to hit, so you are forced to go research info at wikis and other sites what even there is a little confuse by first, so to have that in a more clean and obvious way at the screen, will help a lot the new players to undestand what is going on.

I hope all this suggestion to be helpful at some way, and please, keep the good work, your game are awesome !!!

Hugs from Brazil.