Reply To: Morale system: Less "swingy"

Avatar photomrbunnyban

Well, I took resolve mostly to counter the morale checks when getting surrounded and not to counter this catstrophic snowball effect.
I just don’t like the idea of changig the fleeing-mechanic the way you proposed. It is true that in many cases Resolve is still not a good or necessary stat.

In my opinion, more positive morale checks would be better. Let a brother who is surrounded and gets support from an ally that moves right next to him (counter-surround) trigger a positive morale check, it would open up much more possibility for tactical play as well.
Or restore Rally’s function to buff to confident, but lower the chance and take the base Resolve of the buffed brother more into account.
Another option would be to lower the effects of “mood” and give a brother a base chance to start with confident morale based on his resolve.
I don’t think more morale checks would be bad just don’t like changing the fleeing mechanic.

I think Resolve should primarily have a positive function and not be a failsafe against catastrophic events.

A positive effect triggering more often is a very interesting suggestion! I like that idea! As long as folks see the effect of morale more consistently it would be good.

I’m thinking of various stages of confidence statuses. Would be a bit of a bitch to indicate graphically (maybe the same raised flag but blue instead of white?).

Another idea would be extra AP or stamina. Something that makes sense for folks with high morale.

Anyway resolve being primarily a positive effect sounds very sweet.