Reply To: Revised dodge perk over powerful?

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No you dont need to attach dodge to light armor build, even when you wear 300armor and 250 helmet it’s only 38 faitigue and initiative penalty, with great sword you will expect to have 52 in total, a 11level brother expect to have about 130 base initiative unless you never invest in it. Then 80 after armed, that’s 12 both melee and ranged defence when you first entering battle, an awesome amount, nearly equal to a round shield, isnot it OP? If you dont make him to do great labour he will only accumulated about 40 fatigue in 5 turns, and you will still have +6, much superior to pitiful +3 from shield expert or gifted even one stack RA upon brother with30 base defence.

So the only one neednot dodge maybe is only the ones do most labour, like thoes 2-h sword man keep on AOE and AOE.
Duelist build even the heaviest, are forced to choose dodge, ranged defence is OP, free me of quick hand perk.
Archer, heavy or light, forced to choose dodge, for I wont have enough stat to invest in melee defence, and dodge meet my need, even free me of footwork.

In this game, defence is everything, no one would think defence is too much.