Reply To: Can´t raid the big goblin base

Avatar photoepman13

So got it down to from 47 to 21 in like 4 rounds, after that round the Ovrsers always shot ad least 1 brohter down, or the broken amrmor pierce kill 1 or 2.

So i needed to reatret and change 8 new brohters to the team and was keeping the 4 archers i had, thinking i could win the battle on a shot out, even that my archers got some injuries.

Attacking the camp again just to see the assholes making the game made the numbers in the camp raise by 3 everytime i close the app to start the fight over, so first try 24, next 27 and then rip, no way i can do this shit…..:)

Would love to hear from anybody that know how to counter that armor pierce.