Reply To: Revised dodge perk over powerful?

Avatar photoFlickering

Well, you shouldnot just see how many they could get from dodge perk, but how many they get more than their companion.

Such like a brother with 80initia,
1. you equipe him with round shield that would be 15 more double defence and 70 initial,
2. while you invest a dodge perk not equiping shield that would be 12 double defence and 25% damage bonus, still 80 initial.

That’s awesome, you could hardly get huge reduce in intia using sowrd, 5 turn 40 decrese? Only 6 defence off and battle about to end.
There is actually another build with both shield and dodge he would easily get decent 50 defence at day 10 with heater shield and shield expert, that OP.

Actually, I think you are suppose to have more than 80 initia in early game and near 80 in late game, so dodge is supposed to be more powerful than what I compared above. That’s also what I’v experience, because defence is more important than attack in expert ironman mode.

Some of the experienced guy in my group, most above 500h choose dodge for everyone, because, 10defence not only means 10 defence sometimes, when you have 30base defence, +10 to 40 is a essential distinction. That means from15% to hit to 5% to hit sometimes.