Reply To: Revised dodge perk over powerful?

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So, actual problem is, why donot you invest in initia? Actually there are many adavantage of initia. with higt initia you can even act earlier than ghost or vampire. Donot believe it? yeah, it’s about 130 you need and you could not wait the turn before(wait will decrease 25% of initia to decide the order). 130 is not a very high expectation cause you can easily get more than 150 initia.

You think 80 is difficult for heavy armor?No you only have 38 faitigue and initia penalty with 300 coat of cale, 250 kettle with male let alone named armor, only 118 needed. average initia for a 1lv sellsword is 105, only 13 point cost you 3lv up, that not difficult.
And the 13 more initia invest will insure you to act earlier than any orc warrior, that’s important because battle against orc always cost too much fatigue.

As you say initia nosedive with 2-hander, yeah, I have mentioned before only 2-hander neednot dodge. Heavy armored brother not only use 2-h weapon, double grip duelist is also powerful and only cost 16-20 fatigue within 2 attack. I hate to introduce any playing way, but 11 double grip cult, you will like it sooner or later.