Reply To: A discussion of tone/balance

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I think Jan almost answered this question in one of his interview. The game is designed/balanced for 140-160 days. Victory of the crisis and deserved rest or loss. All these 2000 days and the company of terminators in the emperor’s armor and full unique outfit and 30+ level are already on the conscience of the players and the developers are not responsible for the psychological trauma in this case )
Personally, I do not see anything wrong with the fact that the developers heard the players’ opinion about the battle log. The main thing that it was done correctly and not as shown in facebook. Need full and detailed information. Make the battle log optional and everyone will be happy. Who does not want to think to count and who wants to know why his knight with a defense of 70 killed by three daggers in a row).
However, I am also afraid if changing the balance to please all these whines from the steam. If listen them… soon will be nerf of thugs …