Reply To: How fearsome be relatively weak?

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Ah, yeah, i missed it. Just use it’s numbers for calculations. Here come more detailed report:

At first damage dealt to armor (modified vs it), and then deal to damage to health (modified by penetration), which is reduced by 10% of new armor value. And this damage must be more than 15 or 1:

Dmg*vsHP-(Armor-Dmg*vsArmor)/10 >= 15
Dmg*vsHP-(Armor-Dmg*vsArmor)/10 >= 1

some math:

Dmg*vsHP – (Armor-Dmg*vsArmor)/10 >= 15
-(Armor-Dmg*vsArmor)/10 >= 15 – Dmg*vsHP
armor/10-Dmg*vsArmor/10 <= Dmg*vsHP – 15
armor/10 <= Dmg*vsHP-15+Dmg*vsArmor/10
armor <= 10*(Dmg*(vsHP+vsArmor/10)-15)
armor <= Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-150

>> armor <= Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-150
>> armor <= Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-10

This way you can get armor values at which demoralization caused.

And second step – what a difference between armor values needed to deal 15 or 1 health damage? Lets some math go:

armor-armor2 = (Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-150) – (Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-10)
armor-armor2 = (Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-150) – (Dmg*(vsHP*10+vsArmor)-10)
armor-armor2 = 140

So easy answer!
As armor difference is static, so mostly useful information will be how many hits you need to overcome it. It depends on damage vs armor, so just =140/(damage*vsArmor).

hits needed (average) to overcome the difference
Warhammer 1,6-2,1 1,81
Fighting Axe 2,0-3,2 2,60
Winged Mace 2,3-3,6 2,98
Military Cleaver 2,6-3,5 3,05
Flail 2,5-3,6 3,07
Fighting Spear 3,3-3,2 3,23
Noble Sword 3,3-3,2 3,24
Two-Handed Hammer 0,8-1,2 0,97
Greataxe 0,9-1,2 1,05
Billhook 1,0-1,6 1,30
Great Sword 1,3-1,6 1,46
Longaxe 1,3-1,8 1,58
Battle Standard 2,0-2,8 2,40

This means fearsome is better at weapons with bad vs armor stats.

Also, there is some maximum armor to deal 15 damage with weapons:

Noble Sword 0-0
Fighting Spear 0-0
Fighting Axe 0-83,75
Flail 0-70
Military Cleaver 0-54
Winged Mace 28,5-130,5
Battle Standard 50-130
Warhammer 67,5-140
Billhook 120-255
Longaxe 137-239,5
Great Sword 232,5-345
Two-Handed Hammer 270-480
Greataxe 290-400

This means if your enemy have 300 armor then you dont need fearsome for Greataxe user :D
Fearsome will reduce threashold for demoralization of 300 armor to like it’s 160, so LongAxe and BIllhook will proc it at 1st hit with high chance, while w/o this perk you will need 2 hits.

If you fighting 500 (?) armor orcs, even Greataxe or 2h Hammer will cause no effect to their moral at 1st hit. While fearsome give them a chance to proc (~57% for 2h hammer, ~36% for greataxe).

Overall i think fearsome is great against orcs and brigants, picked up by tanks and some support guys like sergeant. But also work well on archers as they cant kill armored units fast, but can turn them fleeing (but it still needed to lower targets armor first)