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Hallo hruza, Namespace, genyl, RusBear, McKing,

thank you for your tips!

1. Most of the time I gave polearms to my most talented, but at this point weak, recruits. This wasn’t the best of approaches as it seems. Worked in beginner but in veteran you just can’t afford to miss to much of the polearm- damage- output. So I will try to give my best guys the polearms and to abuse the 100% hitchance of the shieldsplit like McKing proposed.

2. To clarify the band of mercenary’s attacked me around day 40 and I could not see that they have a hedge knight. They also had some wardogs, which made retreat somewhat difficult. In that battle I isolated the knight with a mace user and killed the rest without losing a single brother. This took 5 rounds then my maceman run out of steam and got gutted by two hits from the knight. After that I did surround him and he killed 5 more of my band until at last he was beaten. In the future I just won’t do these quest’s anymore after day 30 like Namespace suggested.

To hunt down what terrorizes villages is also my favorite quest and werwolfs and nachzehrers are by far the easiest enemies at the start. So I try to do as much of those contracts as possible. But most of the time there are just not enough of those juicy contracts and because of that I have to do other contracts. I avoid caravan escort contracts like the pest, to be attacked several times for a meager pay, no thank’s!

3. In the future I will try to lure group’s to fight each other more, like genyl suggested. Maybe this will make raiding encampments easier.
Trading I do actually quite a lot. I buy gems, amber, salt, lumber … at about market value and sell them in cities that paid way more for them. With the mapseed I currently try to make a veteran run at least this works quite well.

About the composition of my band: In the start usually everybody gets a shield and a onehanded weapon. Later on some brothers will get polearms and one or two get ranged weapons. I quite liked to have at least two archers in my company with overwhelm so suppress certain enemy’s in some battles and otherwise switch them out for other brothers. In this run I will just use 1 ranged unit or no ranged unit in case the ranged starting bro bites the dust.

What perks I give my bro’s depends mainly on their talents and stats. If one is a good for nothing he gets defense perks like colossus, steel brow, shield expert, underdog and rotate. On the other hand I use certain builds, that suited my playstyle until now. I have them listed in a PDF in the attachment. I would be quite interested how other players build there characters!

4. If what RusBear stated is true than there are two viable ways to proceed. Firstly the quantity approach – to hire lots of brothers and use some of them as cheap meatshields while preserving the rest like McKing, genyland Namespace broceed (pun intended). And secondly the quality approach – hire only good guys that you can equip with decent stuff and train them to have superior skill like hruza does it. Usually I tried a balanced approach and this didn’t work, so I will try both extremes instead and report the results.

5. In future encounters I will use falcons and scout out the enemies like hruza does. Never really considered them worth it because at the beginning 700 bucks for a falcon is a lot of money. The icon of the group came to my attention quite early but I didn’t know that it shows always the most dangerous character of the group. In the next playthrough I will pay more attention to them.

Best regards,