Reply To: How to get good?

Avatar photohruza

I took a contract to recover an artifact and kill some ancient auxiliary in the process. It should pay 420 crowns.

I did really think I could take those 10 skeletons with my 9 brothers easily and got whipped.

The skeletons are enemy which I would not dare to engage unless all my front line have +-100 durability gear and level 2 weapons. They are very dangerous, their “poor” look is deceiving. May be if I had 2:1 advantage, but not otherwise and I still wouldn’t recommend it to player who still does not feel comfortable at the difficulty he is playing.

Trick with retrieve artifact missions is that quest does not require you to fight. You only need to bring artifact. If you pay attention to the text before the battle, it should say that you or one of your mercs got the artifact, then undead appear. If that’s the case, you can just retreat from battle and you will still have artifact and would be able to complete the mission.

be careful, because sometimes you get option to also grab the ancient weapon. If you take it and it results in to battle, you will need to win the battle to complete the mission.