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Hallo hruza and Namespace

Before I thought I did quite good economically but after reading your posts I have now a new point of reference. At day 20 I certainly was not even close to everybody wearing a mail shirt. I had a few padded armors and some gamebesons. So now that I know what should be the standard at day 20 I have to admit I had big economical problems!

The map seed I am currently play is 7b591d. The starting brothers have nice perks and in the south there are awesome trading opportunity’s. Around a city, that pay’s good money for salt, wood and dye there are villages that produce all these things. It also has not to much mountains, swamps or water, just one solid landmass, just how I like it.
Map seed 9840c3 does look nice. Many trading opportunities and there is not a cluster of settlements you have to stay close to all the time. It is nicely balanced and spread out. Still I like 7b591d a little bit more and think I will make do with it. But thanks for the seed! Maybe I will try it in the future.

If I ever come I across skeletons again, which is very likely, I will be way more careful. Thanks for letting me know that this was indeed a difficult battle I should avoid in the future! From beginner I got the wrong impression that those auxiliaries are kind of the thugs of the undead faction. But man was I wrong. Before I was only discouraged by legionaries but now I know better. Nice to know that I can just grab the artifact and run. I will certainly do that the next time and be true to my new mercenary motto: If you don’t get paid to fight or win for sure you leg it!

Maybe I did not give the attention that was needed to details as injuries and double grip, while in battle. I will try to be more cautious in that regard. Waiting to manipulate the turn order I do all the time. It is just to rewarding to not to do it. On some video’s on twitch and youtube I saw some of the players to go to almost excessive amount of planning and rethinking every turn. While this is certainly kind of amazing in it’s own right I hope this is not necessary all time. In close fights or crucial rounds I wouldn’t mind to do so. Bit if it is all the time the game would be quite a drag for me. Guess I just have to try and see for myself.

I will be back and report after I had time to play tomorrow.

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