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Before I thought I did quite good economically but after reading your posts I have now a new point of reference. At day 20 I certainly was not even close to everybody wearing a mail shirt. I had a few padded armors and some gamebesons. So now that I know what should be the standard at day 20 I have to admit I had big economical problems!

I don’t think this is necessarily true. Game scales with your equipment too, so better equipped your brothers are, the more difficult fights will you face. In my experience you can advance slower and game with adjust. Difficulty does not scale with time, at last time does not play major role. I even had first crisis postpone on the play through when I was bit slow in improving my company. It have only kicked on the day 130. Other people had reported the same experience.

From beginner I got the wrong impression that those auxiliaries are kind of the thugs of the undead faction. But man was I wrong.

Auxiliaries are somewhat on par with brigand raiders in difficulty. They have crappy equipment, which is deceiving, but their fighting stile and skills makes up for that. Especially if lot of them have shields.

On some video’s on twitch and youtube I saw some of the players to go to almost excessive amount of planning and rethinking every turn. While this is certainly kind of amazing in it’s own right I hope this is not necessary all time.

No, it certainly isn’t. I don’t spend ours to think each move 10 turns in advance. That said, it’s good to plan at last 1 turn in advance, unless battle is easy and you can use routine.

Good luck :)