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Hallo again

It is nice to know that the game scales somewhat slower, if the company develops slower. Maybe I have a chance after all.

I’m back to report on my latest run’s. In my first run I did a little bit better than before. On day 10 I had 11 guys in ~50 body armour and ~40 head armour with 700 crowns to spare It is not great, but it is better than before. Sadly there were a band of undead with a necromancer, a band of raiders and some werwolfs that joined forces to encircle me from all sides on the worldmap. They forced me into battle. In this battle the direwolfs stalled me till the undead could gave me the rest.

On the second try I decided to play veteran without ironman. Ironically in this playthrough things look bright without reloading even once. I might not have everybody in mailshirts, but some of my guys have them. The rest of the band has 65+ bodyarmour and 40+ headarmour. Also with a bladed pike, a standart, a crossbow and two hooked blades in the hand of brothers with 65+ skill at level 4 my backrow is solid. I had also no loses, which is more than I hoped for.

There is only one thing that annoyed me a bit. The game spawns tons upon tons of groups of enemies that are way stronger than my guys. Therefor half the time at the first 20 days I spend with running away. In those 20 days I had to run away from 8 bands of raiders, 1 band of undead with a necromancer and a band of goblins, that followed me 2 days straight! If a settlement is near I go there and look if there are guys that can help with those pesky raiders. Once there were and I got some loot from that fight. Two other bands of raiders I took down without help. Still the amount of running away from enemies seems a bit too much. Maybe it is my map or just bad luck. Is it similar on other maps?

One question: Are werwolfs, raiders and the undead allied? I know this is a weird question but once I had a band of werwolfs follow me and also a band of raiders. They didn’t start fighting each other on the world map, although they easily could do so. In another fight there were 4 ancient auxiliaries and 8 raiders. Even though I ran instantly away from the raiders they did go after my brothers instead of the skeletons.

Thanks for all the help! I think I can do it now :)

Best regards,