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Hallo hruza

Thanks for the tip with the geists. I fought them again and clustered my company around my 130 resolve sergeant and did easily beat 4 of them and their wiederganger’s.

Right now my current company is at day 70 and looks alright. There are 4 brothers in 240+ armour, 4 brothers in 140+ armour and 4 brothers that are skilled in dodge and nimble. The company has 2 archers with overwhelm and crippling strikes to debuff enemies, 3 heavy guys with greatswords , 1 duelist and 8 front row shield brothers. Contracts about 2000 crowns are doable without risking casualties. After the first 20 days the game became immensely fun again :)

Surprisingly there was a message that popped up that said the war between the noble houses has started. Day 70 seems a bit early for me. What triggers the start of a crisis? Is it just the estimation of the company or is there something else?
I did try to tackle the crisis in a separate save. Almost got crushed in the first mission, which culminated in a major battle.

Okay, so the difficulty is a bit unpredictable. That’s alright. It is kind of like real mercenary bands might have felt. Most of the time you had your routine, but sometimes things differ. Most of the time the difficulty is about right and keeps me on my toes. Sometimes though there are some weird difficulty spikes that take the fun away. Like that great battle.

Good to know that the AI always attacks the weakest group. Maybe that is the reason why the first 20 days tend to be such a chore and after that it is alright.

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