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You wouldn’t need a sanity meter. Instead, you could have mercenaries gaining positive or negative traits in response to situations or certain events. Basically this, if I may self-plagiarise. :P
Like having an event where a hedge knight is challenged to a duel. Saying no might have him feel dishonored and gain a trait that lowers resolve resolve or loyalty. Having him fight and win could then give him a trait that increases resolve. Whether they get postive or negative traits could then be influenced by stats and traits the mercenary already has – a hedge knight with a trait related to loyalty might accept your decision and not get negative trait.
You could apply the same thing to situations that might induce madness, while taking backgrounds and traits into consideration. Like a witchunter who’s the sole survivor of a ghost attack becoming even more determined to destroy the undead.

I think the way to keep it from being frustrating would be to have these kind of traits and events be the logical consequences of your actions, like how not helping a city can result in it getting destroyed. They shouldn’t serve as an extra punishment for when a situation turns sour, but as little touches that make each mercenary stand out.

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Madness, Amputations, Sickness, stuff like that. Im thinking about the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay P&P. I think it kinda fits together, Batle Brothers has this grimdark, german-ish setting too. So, any plans on a terror and crippling system? Really enjoyed your game so far, as a Warhammer fan, you have to love it. I’m glad you chose low-fantasy too. Greetings from Hessen!

Yeah, it has that feel of older stories where the woods are something to be avoided ’cause that’s where the monsters dwell that eat men.