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#I am just gamer so don’t mind me too much.
#I play on hard so items cost more and sell for less(I think).
#cash is no problem in long run.

1. They are not.
Thing is their price is right and their are decently available if you good good job protecting some areas.
Things is that villages/towns blocked by bandit raids produce them less.
Keep clear and safe some village/town and it should produce enough of them. Also not anything should be repaired. Sure you get better price for repaired items but do its your choice. Don’t repair trash items just sell them or abandon them.

2.They are alright. I would argue that some of better recruits should cost more because they have much better stats compared to your typical trashy cheap recruits.

3. Jobs are good enough. There is always some delivery or escort mission.
My only complain is that there is no often mission to find and clear this bandits fort that spawn raiders and ambushers that destroy city economy.
It should be priority.
Like local government contract(main slot) when traders and private persons have two other slots available.

Actually I would divide contracts on three types:
>CONTRACTS – given by local authority with high priority, High risk but high reward like
>>Find and destroy that Bandit Fort that raid our caravans.
>>Our scouts found enemy Hideout/Lair/Den, enemy is still weak(or not) but go and burn it before they grow stronger
>>Escort this important caravan to this city by this road who we know is infested by hostile forces
>QUESTS – given by local merchants/private persons, low risk/low reward, can be taken few but there is time limit, like
>>Scout, go find X investigate and come back
>>Delivery X to Y
>>Seek and destroy enemy party
>BOUNTIES – given by local authority where there is no high priority tasks, limited time
>>Head hunt – kill Orcs get ears bring get paid
>>Wolf hunt – same but Werewolfs
>>Bounty – for leaders of bandits/orcs etc