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Hi devs

Im a huge fan of your work, best turn-based strategy game with almost all of my fantasies :)
but there is lot more and playing your game for three hours a day with three separate saves with three different merc companies has become a little less satisfying …
How about a catapult or someting like that to make a city defence like a city defence? i saw once during a battle with orcs but not working … it would be great as my brothers with shields and heavy armors are strong against all kind of in-game archers.. it can fire a rock piece from long range and smash the unlucky poor thing in its way (long range,low rate,low ammo, powerful, non-accurate, and for npc forts only)

how about a perk witch increase the Ap for 3 or 4 points for a round? know about the berserk already but for catching that &*@#$ ambushers…

it would be grate to see more special perks for individual backgrounds … for ex a brawler with a rage perk, a monk with calm, a hedge knight with some kind of morale decrease and morale chek, or any thing to make backgrounds more exciting and special than now (i know about the events and become old trait)
and the last request
more waepons and armor please :( … or give us somthing to modify or replace them and keep the game fresh for a long time from now

many thanks