Reply To: Iron Lungs Basic Skill

Avatar photoAlexander

I’m usually not for the “give all players this trait” option but I will say there should definitely be more traits that imitate perks. In my honest opinion, the whole “how much fatigue you get per turn” notion should be a mechanic in and of itself, as currently some characters just need fast fatigue reduction to balance the ridiculously high demands for two-handers and certain skills. Take “spearwall” for instance — all the character is doing is setting the spear against the ground, for the time it takes to make two swings of a sword, and yet they can only do this for… thirty seconds before they’re completely exhausted? If that?

I must say I would love to play more varied maps, but if “axebro” doesn’t have iron lungs, there’s a serious amount of frustration in trying to use an otherwise fun member of the group. It’s so necessary it’s almost game-breaking. I would really love for this to become a trait, though the fact that it’s so necessary is signaling something. Maybe one of the character stats should directly affect fatigue reduction.

“Iron Lungs” isn’t the only perk that this is an issue for, either. I can’t tell you how badly the game needs a trait version of the “survivor” perk, given just how random and skewed the injury system currently works.

More change is welcome! Keeping an eye out for them.