Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

Avatar photoRusBear

My 5c.

I do not give up hope of correcting puncture mechanics and a system of exploit the full surround for panicking opponent.
a1. Prohibit the use of puncturing both for AI and the player – if chances below 5 % ( factic %)
a2. Prohibit to use puncture for NOT surrounded target with a shield. ( for AI and player)
a3. Increase the chances for puncture when target surrounded by 3 or more allies, in net, stunned,

b1. Completely surrounded and panicking enemy no longer misses the turn (cuz it can not move), but performs random attacking actions for an random target.
b2. The higher the resolve of the enemy ( and player’s unit), the greater the chance that, when full surrounded, he will restore morale (nowhere to retreat- fight to the death)