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Avatar photoTrappist

Guys, with the new DLC and associated balancing round, please can I ask if you guys are open to fielding new suggestions around content and balance?

If yes, i would start by asking you to take a fresh look at the massive stacks that occur late game. I understand player power being strong after 150+ days but constantly facing stacks of 20 or 30+ enemies is kind of dispiriting and becomes a grind, especially when they provide cover for uber units like Master Archers. ….And almost any big group of goblins is a nightmare with their mix of units and puncturing skirmishers… Add in Shamans and Overlords and it becomes almost an exercise in futility.

I talk purely from viewpoint of an Ironman player here, but that is how the game is supposed to be played i guess!

As for other ideas and feedback, I hold onto them until I know if you are interested to hear.

Fantastic decision to develop the game again, very best luck with this. I ‘m really excited about it and I hope it turns BB into the commercial success it surely deserves to be.