Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

Avatar photokem

Kem – Just a few thoughts on your feedback.

Warbrands are already better than Great Swords in certain situations:

Heavy Crossbows – Master Archer w Heavy Crossbow.

Goblins – crypt cleavers or famed cleavers are better, as they are guarantee oneshot. Warbrands often fail to oneshot even a mere skirmisher. Warbrands are inferior at any task.
Gheists – spear is an ultimate +20% acc ghostbusting weapon. I don’t consider fieldimg WB for in ghosthunting with AOE as it is inferior to GS AOE.

Why do you fear and Xbow? By that time you fielding orc level knights, 350+ armor absorbs Xbow hits with HP damage less than 10. That is before indomitable. You outrange an xbow, archer has poor/no head armor, so he is a frequent Bow’s oneshot victim. Goblin overseer is a more potent foe, but he wastes too much time whipping gobos.

As for contribution to the topic

Main difficulty with gobos comes from spell mechanics. It seems that shaman and necro can cast their spells with no direct LOS (reported that as a bug, got “as intended” response) fix from “any LOS to target” to “caster’s LOS to target” may make battles in question not as BS-y as it is currently.