Reply To: New DLC; fixes of current content wishlist

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Since devs have already announced the changes in game mechanics, I decided to remind you of one interesting suggestion that was even more than a year ago in my suggestion topic.
The idea is to introduce a separate branch of perks for brothers based on their backgrounds. For example, the “military” (soldier, sword master, knight, “craftsman” – mason, miller, apprentice and so on). Experience on this branch should come from completed quests (not battles), performed ambitions and possibly events. Perks can be directed at the development of the social component and for group management (thus this innovation will not violate the combat balance and will not require its hard revision) For example, the level of the apprentice in this branch can choose perk for reducing numbers of tools or increasing the speed of repair) Monk – to increase the speed cure group, etc.It can be several different perks in different levels to make this branch more personal for each player. Also, the brothers in reserve can also get experience in this branch and be useful as support at certain stages or for special purposes in game crises.