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Character backgrounds additional bonus/malus:
Adventurous noble – resolve and morale boost if equipped by legendary items / resolve and morale debuff if equipped with non 3+tier items
Apprentice – minor increase of item repair rate / resolve, mood, melee debuff when comrade die in battle
Assassin – free dagger mastery perk / only 1 assassin per game
Bastard – additional melee buff fighting humans / decreased payment and opinion from noble houses
Beggar – greatly increased rate of loyal and spartan trait / greatly increased rate of drunkard and dumb trait
Bowyer – decreased prices in fletcher shops / can desert company if dissatisfied or lower morale
Brawler – its fine as it is now
Butcher – free crippling strikes perk / melee weapons restricted only to sharp weapons
Caravan hand – small increase of movement speed when on caravan quest / increased rate of Greedy trait
Companion – free nine lives perk / none
Cultist – will not rout / headgear restricted only to Cultist Hood or Glimpse of Davkul
Cripple – greatly increased rate of Deadwish/Determined/Brave trait / random perma injury (as it is now)
Daytaler – none / none
Deserter – free Craven trait instead of plain -10 resolve debuff
Disowned Noble – increased payment and opinion from noble houses / increased rate of Greedy / Dastard trait
Eunuch – immune to Hexes Charm / free Insecure trait
Farmhand – greatly increased rate of Iron Lungs/Strong/Athletic trait / resolve debuff fighting monsters or undead
Fisherman – all throwing nets used by this character are recovered (for free) after the battle / resolve debuff when fighting in desert and ice terrain
Flagellant – free Hold out perk + will not bleed out / cannot be healed in the chapel + prolonged HP recovery
Gambler – minor chance to turn miss in to hit / free Greedy perk
Gravedigger – resolve, mood and melee buff fighting all sorts of undead / melee weapons restricted only to blunt weapons
Graverobber – minor extra gold loot after every battle / onetime renown decrease when joining company
Hedge Knight – free Brawny perk / expensive upkeep
to be continued…