Reply To: World Simulation

Avatar photoYolan

“1) you complain about that poor recruits does not pull their weight? That is a given. Find beter ones…”

I don’t complain that poor recruits do not pull their weight. Rather, it is a problem of how the level scaling works. As far as I know, a poorly equipped, poorly stated member of your team is going to contribute to the mathematics of the level scaling simply because of their level. I am more than happy to have to retire weaker guys in the face of bigger threats. The problem is that level scaling causes all kinds of complications and wierdness. Let say I am too poor to hire new people, having had a few big losses. Yet my remaining weak players are high level, and the result is a series of punishing fights that are scaled too high for waht you can reasonably deal with.

“You want to play veteran and want it to be easier? Just play normal than.”
I don’t want it to be “easier”. And I explicitly said that and explained what I actually wanted.

2) “why do you want to make parts of the world even less attractive…”
I don’t. I want parts of the world to be safer. Which makes them -more- attractive if you are trying to recover from some bad losses, and want a steady drip of money to help you get on your feet.