Reply To: This game is still broken as hell. It's too hard.

Avatar photoluzarius

I decided to try once more on beginner difficulty like before. I was able to kill the weasel guy. Now I’m trying to find a third mission. I went to four towns so far and the only contract available so far was a single skull. I refused and went to the fifth town and found another contract, a double skull, so I refused. Now I’m going to the 6th town to find a contract and I get attacked by bandits, 5 of them. They kill my entire party AGAIN, lol.

This has got to be the dumbest game I’ve ever played in the history of games. What a fucking waste. The game seems to have potential to be fun, but if a new player can’t even get past the third contract then something is severely wrong. I highly suggest a better in game tutorial or an easier difficulty than beginner.

Suggested difficulties to be added to the game:


I know I’m not being unreasonable. I’ve played tons of games on the hardest difficulty and even beat them without dying a single time. Hell, I’ve played Dark Souls 3 and got through 60% of the game without dying. I’m not some clueless person who has never played games before.

This game is seriously broken.