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I decided to try once more on beginner difficulty like before. I was able to kill the weasel guy. Now I’m trying to find a third mission. I went to four towns so far and the only contract available so far was a single skull. I refused and went to the fifth town and found another contract, a double skull, so I refused. Now I’m going to the 6th town to find a contract and I get attacked by bandits, 5 of them. They kill my entire party AGAIN, lol.

This has got to be the dumbest game I’ve ever played in the history of games. What a fucking waste. The game seems to have potential to be fun, but if a new player can’t even get past the third contract then something is severely wrong. I highly suggest a better in game tutorial or an easier difficulty than beginner.

Suggested difficulties to be added to the game:


I know I’m not being unreasonable. I’ve played tons of games on the hardest difficulty and even beat them without dying a single time. Hell, I’ve played Dark Souls 3 and got through 60% of the game without dying. I’m not some clueless person who has never played games before.

This game is seriously broken.

I take the piss out of this game pretty frequently. My steam review is negative with a tentative endorsement for only the most patient gamers to pick it up. Battle Brothers, despite its claims, is not a game that deserves to be played on Iron man. No matter how many people say “losing is fun”, the only reason that tip is in the game is to justify some absolutely glaring design flaws in map generation and two conflicting design philosophies concerning what the hell the game is trying to be. The game does not respect the players time, and progress made from perfect decisions in the past can be immediately erased by one bad map generation or world-map event. You can lose hours by having a high-level brother die to something completely outside of your control. The game isn’t broken, but it can’t claim to be built for Iron man, and whenever I see “losing is fun” I feel like the devs are taunting me by leaving the product in a state where I just have to “accept” bullshit passed off as “fun”. That’s not a feature, it’s a bug. Don’t tell me how to feel about losing the time I put into a product I want to have faith in and enjoy.

Despite all of that, you’re in the wrong. What you played in the past doesn’t matter. IF you played Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 kicks your ass, sure. There might be an issue. Those two games have essentially the same rules. I can be an absolute monster in Fifa on the console, that doesn’t mean my fifa skills are transferable to a fighting game. Don’t compare apples to oranges and say there’s something fundamentally wrong with the orange.

You’ll need to learn what fights to avoid and what to go after to level up. It doesn’t matter if you fought five “Bandits”. A team of raiders early-game will absolutely trash you right out of the gate. A team of thugs won’t.

I have no problems going to town on this game, despite it being one of my all-time favorites. It certainly is not unreasonably difficult. I beat Ninja Gaiden on Master Ninja mode. I would get trashed in fifa by anyone with even passing knowledge of sports game. Don’t blame the game and ask it to change. Learn the rules. Then trash it like do, because learning to love losing for something outside of your control is like learning to love being slapped in the face by a giant hotdog when you clearly wanted to get slapped by a taco. Now if you’ll excuse me, I expected this apple to taste like an orange. I’m gonna go complain to God.

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