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Avatar photoHoly.Death

Hey death, nice tips right here!
Just like you say its absolutely important to “set up” your heavy hitters by attacking the enemy with light weapons first and drive up that overwhelm bonus!
If the game crashes on you, please send us the log file (post in the bug forum and attach the file or send via mail).
Its important to send the log file directly after the crash. As soon as you start up the game again, the file will get overwritten.
Send us the log.html file that will usually document the error and is crucial to fiy it. The file will get overwritten if you start a new game so be aware of that. Here is how you get it:
1) Copy “C:\ProgramData\Overhype Studios\Battle Brothers” by selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C
2) Press Windows Key + E to open the Explorer
3) Click into the adress bar
4) Insert what you copied by pressing Ctrl+V
5) Press Enter

I found the file, but the part 2) and the rest is unclear and is most likely not working (or I have no idea what’s supposed to happen and am doing something wrong), so I attached the log file to this post. It was same scenario and I was doing exceptionally good (very defensible terrain) and game decided to turn the tables. It said something about “a critical exception was raised at hardware level”.