Reply To: Some problems I’ve found in Beasts&Exploration

Avatar photoMcKing

1. I’ve got to agree with that. Took a mission to Kill Lindwyrms, 2 skulls, 1200 reward. A middle-grade group, levels 6-8. There were 4 wyrms, my men were routed before killing a single one. Maybe double the skulls on that kind of mission.

2. I fought with the Alps at night, and it was a nice change of pace. Having to keep the men spread out and hunting. Barely made it without losing anyone. Not the kind of fight I prefer, but I thought it was ok.

3. Disagree completely. Quite nice to have that option, and the cost makes it worthwhile only later on. If you have the money to spam try-out, you would probably have the money to hire 2 or 3 men and dismiss the ones that suck anyway.