Reply To: Mutilple Alps is too strong

Avatar photoBaine

I just made an account to confirm this.

I had my whole team wiped out just now by 7 Alps and 2 wolves. I got ambushed by night in a forest (i know, my mistake) but what followed just left me speechless. Basically the wolves started their turns first, closed in, my guys in heavy armour having last say was to be expected. Then im getting sleeped by 7 alps, leaving exactly 1 guy awake to wake another one. That did not help me at all. Turn was done by waking someone else and next round im completly put to sleep. I basically just sat there and watched without being able to do anything. At times like that i wished for the old retreat option with severe injuries as balance back… it was E/E/I run and it wiped the whole squad in front of my eyes with me not being able to do anything. It went on with wolves attacking units, waking the guys they attacked, but immediately the alps following up with putting them back to sleep and killing them in their dreams.

I have beaten Alps when they came in smaller numbers but the Alp encounter is probably my least favourite of all. Every village that wants me to end their nightmares can just go and die in my book.I’d rather fight unholds with naked guys and fists only than this.

Alps should target one guy at most. Increase their group size but limit them to single targeting. Them having map wide vision, being spread out and making them chase you and their mass sleep + high initiative just makes it the worst fight in my opinion.