Reply To: Ben's Bug Reports

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2. I loaded an old save game in which I was mid-quest. Then loaded a much newer save game (where the old quest had long since been cashed in, and I didn’t have any current new quest) and found that the quest from the old save game had carried over and was active again.
EDIT: this bug was repeatable. However, but I found that, although the old quest appears in the UI, you can’t actually cash it in again.


3. Version loading a saved game fails and pops up an error dialog. Bug is repeatable. (I’m pretty sure that I didn’t save this game with the previous version of BB, but it’s possible – so perhaps this is just an incompatibility of saves between versions of the game.)
Save file is too big to post here; let me know if you need it and I’ll upload it to Dropbox.

Shouldn’t appear again. Next time we break savegame compatibility we’ll announce it beforehand.

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