Reply To: My first impressions

Avatar photoHoly.Death

I had an “invincible” Orc fort. It spawned two armies. One of them “deadly” (had 4 Young Orcs and 8 Veteran Orcs), the other “dangerous” (had 6 Orc Berserkers) and the fort itself (still “invincible”) had 6 Orcs, mostly Young Orcs, a Berserker or two and an Orc Warchief). I wonder what would have happened if these two armies stayed inside?

About skeletons: I would like to see more skeletons being armored (even if only with partially destroyed leather, etc.) on top of giving them buff against not-bashing weapon types. Indeed a spear can kill a skeleton in two hits. They do feel less of a threat than Wiedergangers, because Wiedergangers at least don’t go down that fast and they aren’t supposed to be smart enemy. I think that smarter enemies should feel more dangerous due to tactics.