Reply To: Changes to whips

Avatar photoAcanafrog

I understand that it helps control enemies and that is exactly why it should be in the game.
Most game mode without mods you have 12 guys. Black monolith for example can have 47 enemies. So even if a whip guy can control 2/1 enemy is still 4/1 vs the group.
On top of that with proposed lower accuracy it would be more like 60-70% chance to hit so it isn’t even guaranteed 2/1 for whips.

If you feel like the whips are to strong because characters don’t have backup weapons would that not be similar to stun? It to is powerful because they can’t do anything on their turn. Though I’m sure you use stun at some points in the game and would use it if available on more enemy types. With whips enemy can still attack (badly), can move, can pick up weapon and or switch weapon if available. This all is “if” the whip hits.
Originally you took cleaver skill and you lose the -15 accuracy nerf giving really high chances to disarm. If the changes in suggesting are in the game you would have the exceptional brothers able to get 55-70% chance twice.
Resulting in a choice for the player.

Currently with high attack skill and cleaver I am pretty much guaranteed to disarm 1 guy.
Vs me having to take the chance in order to try and disarm 1-2 guys if the rolls are between 55-70%

The argument of 3 controlling 6 is not guaranteed if you only have a 55-70% chance to hit. On top of that you are losing damage to do this. You don’t get to swing a Pike throw an axe or shoot an arrow.
It does however allow you the option and flexibility to whip 2x not guaranteed to hit. Whip quick hands and attack. Giving options to the situation.

On top of everything most builds need great brother, but this takes an ok brother with great attack and fatigue and actually makes him useful in fights through most sections of the game. You trade off damage and killing speed to do this.

Often times it feels like devs think everything needs to be brutally hard in the game. If I had a real life mercenary company and I was going to take on 30 orks why would I only let 12 men fight?

Previously the whips where fun build to run, it’s unique and different to everything else and made use of Brothers not always picked. I’m not saying make them as strong as before I’m saying make them somewhere in the middle. Still a incredibly disappointing nerf as a potential for a unique class is lost.

As to takes times, I am a firm believer of getting things done right before, simple testing could have foreseen this problem yet was originally released.