Reply To: Rollback to base game question

Avatar photogalu

Thanks for the replies guys!

What I missed to articulate is the good work done on different possible tactics. Since I played the base game, Beasts and the North in quick succession, to me it is really visible that quite some thought went into making different approaches viable. (just compare lightly armored dudes and polearm efficiency in the first release and the currently latest version)

Looking at the other side of the coin: when trying to make certain approaches* more popular, the devs might went a bit too far with puzzle like enemies. I mean that there are certain opposing forces that once you figured out, and can prepare for, are no longer deadly. Mostly witches and alps come to mind; they are not really hard, but require reshuffling your items. (I am thinking of employing more mercs and shuffle them instead of the equipment. Only one click)

*mainly thinking light armor-high HP dudes pre-Schrats, or adrenaline-recovery-indomitable before the barbarians.