Reply To: Some suggestions for bosses, backgrounds etc.

Avatar photoAlexander

I’ve never really liked the idea that dragons were only based on singular elements — I grew up with the more sophisticated dragon stories, where they could fly, breathe fire, have nearly impenetrable scales, spaded tail, etc — but I do like the idea of a Davkul late-game crisis.

Davkul, far as I know, is a brilliant original concept from the developers. I really like the dark, gritty world they’re building, and I especially like that the “supernatural” element is so wondrous — unlike a lot of other fantasy settings, magic isn’t commonplace — the characters all have real-world, authentic vocations — so when you see someone who claims to have otherworldly powers, or is actually using them in some kind of capacity, it’s less “textbook magic” and more surprising and mysterious.

I’ve been playing Battle Brothers since it’s early release — back then, magic was something we knew absolutely nothing about. I can still remember the first time I saw a supposed magician actually raising the dead and thought “that can happen? That’s real?” Because the game conditions you to get used to the realistic life-or-death low-magic setting, stuff like that is actually interesting.

I would love to see more story around Davkul.