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Hi Guys!

Once again my DLC suggestion pack which I have in my head.

From Davkul to Southern Riches.

Southern Riches:

Will expand the map further south to accommodate for a new house which would be lead by sultan.

Hot climate – mainly desert – will consume more food if traveled there.

Settlements scattered across the region, smallest ones just tents with larger settlements going up to clay houses in southern style.

Region would be focused on trade. Southern settlements would have expensive goods (incense, silk etc.) that would require higher initial investment to buy but are highly priced in northern cities (trade motivation south to North).

Southern Caravans would have higher net worth than the northern ones, to motivate player raiding, but with higher protection. Additionally the relations penalty would be applied not only to the sultan but also destination house as the goods are so valued by the nobility in north.

Missions in cities mainly focused on the caravan protections as they are the key to the profitability of the region. (as the caravans are so valuable the attacks on them would be more dangerous, to keep it more entertaining and challenging).

Tier Enemies in the region:

Low tier would be cult of the snake.

Mainly lowly equipped individuals which would be counter weighted by their numbers, they would have southern theme equipment, sabres, spears, light armor. Next step would be Fanatics with better gear and shift of perks to nimble and avoidance of dmg. Highest tear would be Snake priest which would be able to shape shift to giant snake, which would be harder to kill and have special melee ability to envelop a brother and choke him with periodical dmg, until certain dmg threshold is met or he is killed.

Higher Tier Enemies:

Could be new flavor to the undead. Themed around the Egypt. With larger animated enemies, very hard to kill (unliving constructs) they would be controlled by single entities (mummies or ancient undead) that once killed would also kill the construct. New flavor to Ghosts (hateful spirit) in a way that instead of attacking the resolve they would be trying to posses bodies of the brothers which would be affected by resolve and if successful the ghost would take control of the body for a turn then would leave the body and select new target for the possession. (Again they would be hard to hit). Spread around the tombs in the desert.

Lastly End Game Crisis:

Themed around the Sultan.
He would get possessed by the ancient undead, which would result in an undead crisis of southern flavor, which would start to convert southern settlements to undead spawns if not stopped in time and a crusade request from the Northern houses which want to continue to get the goodies from south.

Event stopped by legendary fight in the main city of the sultanate. Killing the dark entity that has the control of the sultan. (not sure what it could be but I am sure somebody will suggest anything) :)

Take care.