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Well the forum looks pretty much dead.

But lets not get demotivated and post additional post :)

This time around I was thinking to pepper the enemy diversity of the wood areas.

If somebody remembers the 13th warrior movie and the main enemy in that picture.

How about to add spawn areas inside larger forests of Vendol like cannibals. The theme would be focused around cannibal tribes that believe they are one with the forest, living in caves like Bears. Their specialty would be self buffs (shape shifting potions), only available to the most revered warriors, that would be naked (skin patches) but once the combat starts they will drink potion on their first turn that would turn them to Bear/Wolf, one being Unhold type enemy and the other Direwolf like dmg dealer with higher HP pool, more damaging attack. Potion will keep them transformed only for an average X turn duration (testing needed) and after the effect duration they would turn back to unarmed men, giving in an interesting element of combat dynamic, depending on how strong the devs would tone them. I was thinking of them of more higher tier enemy accompanied by direwolves and low tier cannibals that would not shape shift, but would have leather armors with bear paw clubs and bone weapons. Additionally in the end game they would be accompanied by schrats as a testament of them being one with the forest.

Loot Table: Nothing especially fancy, mostly leather and bone gear. Special drop from shape shifted kills, very expensive teeth and furs as they are not like regular animals. Used for crafting providing X.

Very rare drop could be shape shifting potion itself, could be more or less an Easter egg that can be used on your brothers to turn them during the combat, making it a potent help (depending on how strong the beast form will be set on), but with the risk that it wears down during combat and your brother will be unarmed.

Maybe also buff the schrats crafting materials to make it more appealing for killing.

Not much to add here so Take Care.