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So: some suggestions for improving the game.
Unfortunately, we have some clearly unbalanced or illogical things. They are like a fly in the ointment in our delicious barrel of honey with a game.

1. This is the problem of “undressing” by daggers surrounded and panicking targets. Which comes from a too strong second-strike dagger in the mechanics of the game.
2. Involvement of the units in the battle with the player’s opponents.
3. AI and morale of Orc Berserkers and Warlords.

1. First of all, I completely agree with the suggestion of the respected TOXAsh about changing for % of health damage to check morality. When a bandit who has lost 15 health out of 60 for a blow from a dagger throws a moral test, this is normal, but when 2 hits of 15 in the orc warrior with his health make him panic, it looks bad.
Then need to change the behavior of a completely surrounded panicking enemy. If he has nowhere to run, then he should have a chance to return morality every turn or to inflict several perhaps even 12 AP attacks on the enemies surrounding him with reduced accuracy.
I would also prohibit the use of a puncture if there is no dagger mastery for situations when the actual chance of hitting it will be below 5%. For player and AI.

2. Friendly AI like caravan or other merc bands or army should not take part in battles that are clearly not beneficial to them. If a group of mercenaries does not believe that they can defeat the enemy, it should not fight on the side of the player and serve him as a live and free shield just because he brought a pack of orcs to meet them.
The developers have already taken several steps in this direction, having made important fights like the city of goblins, the first kraken and monolith starting in the event and not allowing other groups to be involved there. You can take another step

3. I suggest to rework the Berserkers AI as well as their morality.
Now berserkers are more like cunning but inept goblins that are trying to get around you a long way to get at the same time a bunch of shots even in those situations where a fast charge would be much more effective. Looks stange.
Аnd resolve … a panicked berserker is reminiscent of an honest politician … nonsense
I suggest to make the morale of the berserkers personal and linear.
Berserk can not lose morale, but it can only increase it by own hits only.
I also suggest increas the morale bonus for all orcs while there is a warlord on the field and increas the morale of the warlord himself. Also make sure that a warlord can lose his morale only with his own wounds.

As usuall with perfect english ( no), Rus Bear.