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Now I will continue to mock the English language with a translator, but I don’t think Cyrillic is a good idea.
1) Weapons
I once conducted a survey among fans on the most useless ability. It is very nice that it was decided to rebalance the scimitar — Gash was really among the leaders. But the second ability of halberds and pikes led by a huge margin.
I suggest making the cost of Repel in AP from 6 to 4. What will change : now this ability will not cost the player with the spade a turn and they will be able to strike and push in one turn if they have the fatigue.
I suggest changing the purpose of the hook. I suppose that to invent a purpose for the struggle against cavalry in the game where there is no cavalry was not easy, but in a game of very few situations where a pass of the fighter with the halberd was worth it to pull an enemy if the weapon gets through the cage. I suggest making the ability “hook” directed against the enemy’s shields : it ignores the bonus to protect from the shield and deprives the enemy of the ability to use the shield and the bonus from the shield 1 turn. In this, it is similar to the Disarm.
This will make the second ability of spades and halberds not so useless, and also encourage players to spend more stamina fighters with these weapons. The balance of endurance and defense will become less clear in favor of defense.
2) Variety in inventory. Most of the company’s weapons are trophies. The largest group among the best is removed from the Brigand Leader, which leads to a certain skew on the weapons used , especially in close positions with the loot from the Brigand Leader. We would like to expand their equipments with the following positions: Fighting Spear, Three-Headed Flail, Spetum, Reinforced Mail Coif, Mail Hauberk, Closed Flat Top Helmet, Nasal Helmet with Closed Mail.
3) 5 skulls of task difficulty
The game has more and more innovations for late-game play, and the game itself is becoming more focused on a longer passage. In the game, there are more opportunities for the player to accumulate an advantage, and the threshold for passing which the game loses meaning rises. Because of this, 3 skulls will not be enough to regulate the difficulty of tasks.
4) Changing the protection of the village.
Raise the chance of militia participation from 20% or 25 % to 70%. Why is it so dramatically: essentially, the quests in BB rarely vary in composition. Quests to catch thieves or destroy lairs or raiders also have their own events that fall out with a small probability. However, they all occupy their own niche, and this is valuable. Quest to protect the village does not occupy any special niche, its composition is the same as that of the destruction of the lair, only there can be several battles. Increasing the chance of allies will make it unique.
5) a New task for the crisis of the orcs.
Tasks of the Orc crisis are fairly similar and differ little from clearing the Orc logs outside of the crisis. Therefore I believe that this proposal would be appropriate: “Decapitation”. The point is that the Lord’s scouts have found a place where the Orc and Goblin chieftains gather. To destroy the leaders send several groups of mercenaries. Your allies will be mercenaries , but your opponent has at least one fighter of each type: Orc Warlord, Goblin Overseer and Goblin Shaman.
6) Add the following characters: mercenary, Zweihander, Sergeant
Increase the chance of heroes appearances:
– Master Archer
– Swordmaster
– Knight
– Hedge Knight
You can hardly see them on the map. However, if you add 4 or 5 skulls, this may change.
7) New type of enemy: heavy pikeman. This is a Bellman in heavy armor, which is why it is not easy to kill with long -range weapons, it has low melee protection and therefore it uses Billman’s weapons. This is a class that I often create myself and I think it will be a difficult and interesting opponent.