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In the #127 and #128 dev log, Jaysen has talked about the retinue, which is a really great addition to the game. But as I’ve looked at it, right now it seems like those followers are just buffs and benifits sitting there waiting for you to unlock. I think it will be more interesting to make those followers into “real people” in the game, like our battle brothers. They should have their own faces, names, stories (this is maybe too much), and various benifits that they can give us. For example, drill sergeant Hakon instead make our men level faster, he will give small boost in stats for our new recruits (apply with level 1 brothers only) like 2 in melee and 2 in resolve, or, drill sergeant Grimald will make our drunkard drink no more after he get drunk and drunk again, or with his experience, he can teach our men how to fight orcs efficiently so eventually they overcome their fear of orcs, …so we can have event more options to choose from, that could be so cool. Thank you for speding your time on this, and please forgive me for my mistakes in the text. I hope this suggestion could be somewhat helpful to the development process.