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Horses. I’ve been playing battle brothers since before the maps were randomized, and every so often I come back to it. Looking very forward to the new DLC coming soon, but always wondered why we don’t have horses. I mean, it seems like the mechanics are there with the goblins, so why can’t we apply them to people and have a few mounted knights?

My thoughts on horses then.

1. They should be expensive enough that you can afford them for a few brothers, but maybe not everyone. Otherwise the game will turn into “Mounted Battle Brothers”. Horses should be expensive to maintain, and moderately difficult to kill. You should not always want to use them, for fear of having them killed in less important battles, but useful enough that you desperately want to use them in larger battles.

2. Horses should provide more mobility – at least twice the mobility of a brother on foot.

3. Maybe make horseback riding a skill that has to be learned before a brother can ride into battle.

4. There could be a horseback charge attack that is particularly devastating, unless the enemy has spears or pikes.

5. Long spears or pikes should be the optimal counter weapon for horses. Horses also present a bigger target, so ranged weapons should have a greater chance of hitting them.

6. You could armor your horse for a little more protection, in exchange for a little less mobility.

7. Horses would improve your speed on the campaign map, but be expensive to maintain. You might even have to eat your horses should your battle brothers run out of food.

What does everyone else think of horses as a possibility? And what I’m really wondering – why are they not already in the game? Technical issues, game design issues, AI issues?