Reply To: Shop restock?

Avatar photoTrig

I agree. Land economy and item availability needs a bit of love.

A bit over a month in, I’ve been winning battles left and right. Wondering off the main roads and destroying any lairs I can find. I have 15.000 crowns in my coffers, but the economy of the land is still completely wrecked. Is it run by EU/US cleptocrats I wonder? Castles and towns sell nothing of any use. Tools cost up to 260 to buy and I can never have enough those since weapon and armour costs so much to repair (that 22 orc encounter broke 5 spears, 1 twohander, 1 arming sword, destroyed 2 helmets and wrecked all armours). I cannot buy any good armour, rare weapons, never even saw any advanced armours/helmets in any shop. For a while I could not use archers because no arrows were for sale in any shop in 4 towns in that area.

On the other hand, I never had to buy food or medicine, I am able plunder enough from my enemies that I am now carrying around 1500 units of food and some 300 medicine.

I’ve noticed, caravans arriving to towns don’t add anything to shops. Perhaps they should always have some specific set of things, like several armours, weapons, support items that automatically appear in shops each time a caravan arrives. Additionally, perhaps apart form regular caravans you could have travelling merchants traverse the roads and you could buy stuff off them too.