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I didnt suggest something for whole year so this is it. Its another time to suggest something.

1. Spider Boss – 6 leg tokens around 1 body token. (like Lindwurm head and tail). Every leg will have piercing attack. Body will have aoe web and single target cocoon. If cocoon isnt destroyed in 3 turns, it will kill targeted brother and spawn 5 spiderlings. Reward would be getting legendary bow which will have ability to shoot 3 times in battle.

2. Torch – 1-5 dmg on hit with 5 durability. It would be used as weakening ability against Schrats.

3. Beast Slayer buff. They could get trait specialization on some types of beasts.
a.) Hexe – Immune to hex spell.
b.) Alpa – Killing darkness will kill caster of said entity.
c.) Schrat – Increasing damage by 30%
d.) Lindwurm – 50% acid dmg reduction
e.) Wolf – 20% melee defense bonus
f.) Nazcherer – lvl 1 damage increased by 20%, lvl 2 melee defense increase by 20%, lvl 3 if eaten then deal 50 damage from inside :)
g.) Spider – immune to web
h.) Necrosavant – ignores nine lives
i.) Kraken – if grabbed by tentacle then every turn deal passive 70 damage (well killing tentacle in 3 turns)
j.) Orcs – when jumped by orc young then just move one tile back, if any tile is blocked then stun will be applied (if chances had it would be stun)

4. Tabards, let us please buy or make tabards in colors. I want to color my black templars in black and white. (some color schemes such noble houses have).
5. Werewolf beast – werewolf would have bleeding effect attack, cleave attack and decapitate attack. Will heal every turn by 20% of his actual HP. Will be able to soak more blunt damage, but actual piercing damage will do extra damage to him.
6. Slavic themed weapons, armor, mythological beasts such as drowner, rusalka etc. (You know, witcher stuff).