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Good day. (Google Translator) In my opinion, the Battle Forged perk in the early and mid game cannot compete with the Nimble perk due to its linearity in gaining advantage. In current realities, the player practically does not face the question of which of these two perks to take, since the Nimble immediately gives a lot of advantages, while under the BF it is necessary to raise a worthy fighter who could put on heavy armor and at the same time fight, so also this perk really unfolds far in the late game. I propose to make the absorption of BF more curvilinear, in the same way as you did with Anticipation: give this perk an initial 8% damage absorption, independent of armor, and in addition to it, add 4% percent to the absorption from the sum of the current armor and helmet. This will allow us to compete with the Trickster perk, because with 100/100 armor, instead of 10% absorption, we get 16%, which is a lot, while with 400/400 armor we have the same 40%.